I pretty much need a job...

Like saying that actually helps

I love that this thing autosaves drafts. That's awesome. I think PERHAPS I'll begin writing entries for this thing.

Fucking RIGHT ON YO'

The party last night was pretty cool. Everyone was drunk when I got there but hey no worries, a few of those people I like better drunk. ;]
Some funny shit too, to watch those guys.
But right now I'm going to shower and head to subway mmmkay. =P
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Going to a show tonight, some techno stuffs.

Until next time!

*Slashes light saber*
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Oooooh yeah

About that Lil Jon picture I mentioned ages ago.

And I met a new guy.

But... We have the same first and last name. Weird? Our birthdays are about 5 days apart, not counting two years. It's bizarre.
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